Frequently Asked questions

There will be many questions that you may have regarding your wedding in Turkey and below are a selection of the most frequently asked questions we generally receive and we hope this will assist.

However, if you do still have any other questions you would like us to answer, then please contact us, either via email or telephone and we will ensure a prompt response.

As of the 1st March 2014 Turkey has made is easier to get married, there is now no need to go to the closest local UK consulate where you will get married.

The documents you will require are available in the Uk, and must be brought with you to Turkey before you travel.

NB: This is only valid for British Citizens, Citizens from the republic of Ireland and all non UK citizens, please inquire at your relevant embassy.

A passport which must have a minimum of 6 months before expiry
6 passport sized photos (bride and groom)

A affidavit of marital status (this can be downloaded from the UK government website & certified by the foreign commonwealth office in the UK.


We will require this documentation and copies of your birth certificates and passports to enable us to check this and confirm all is correct this can be done by scanning the documents and emailing them to us as soon as you have them back.

Please note that we will check them as best as possible but we are not responsible for any mistakes on paperwork presented to us after arrival in Turkey.

A affidavit will be valid for 180 days from date issued.

The answer is yes, minimum requirement for dealing with paperwork etc is 2/3 working days before and the same afterwards.

It is important that all documents are originals and not photocopies and they must be brought to Turkey to fulfil the requirements for a marriage in Turkey.

The answer is yes, it is legally recognized and you will receive a marriage certificate when the wedding is completed.

What happens when we arrive in Turkey

he first meeting with your wedding planner will be to take all the documentation to the local registrar and submit papers for the ceremony. The previous blood test from couples is no longer needed, however a simple health check is still required (a form filling exercise).

This will be done with both bride and groom present and taken via our transportation.

A full meeting with wedding couple firstly to go through the wedding day procedures, then a meeting with those contributing to the days event. (best man, bridesmaid/s etc..)

A meeting then to speak with wedding guests to ensure they are well informed of where when and time to be ready, if being collected via our transportation company.

A law in Turkey requires you to have two witnesses present on the day complete with again passports with at least 6 months before expiry.

In the event you do not have witnesses we can provide this for you.

With Platinum Weddings we have a wedding planner available 24/7 which ensures that you are completely secure in the knowledge that we are available to deal with any situation.

Platinum weddings will have arranged an invoice for the wedding at least 8 weeks prior to the wedding, however we have the flexibility to arrange additional numbers (within a reasonable timescale). Additional guest payments should be made 48 hours before the wedding ceremony.

If guest numbers drop within 8 weeks of the wedding, Platinum Weddings Turkey will be unable to offer any refunds, however we will endeavour to try and add some additional extras on your behalf.

Decoration via flowers is an essential part of a wedding, whether its the bouquets or table flowers and gifts, flowers are a personal decision.
All decorations for the ceremony are made to order, if you have a certain type of flower/s and colours and design/shape let your wedding planner know in advance and they will confirm if what your requirements are available and if not what might be a comparable.
Fresh seasonal flowers available are:gladioli, carnation, rose, chrysanthemum, gerbera and lisianthus.
As the fresh flowers in Turkey are seasonal, silk plastic and fresh are also available.
Special flowers will incur extra charges for details ask your wedding planner.
We will always try our very best to ensure your wishes are met, and our florist is highly experienced and will achieve the very best result for you.
(please do not leave this to the last week as we are wanting this all to be confirmed 8 weeks prior to the ceremony)

There is not a best day, it is entirely up to you the only things to remember is where you are planning so if its a beach wedding is it a private location? if not weekends are going to be far busier with locals using theses areas.

If the wedding is taking place during the week then times are best if they are after 5pm as the local registrars will be operating normal hours and if they leave to come out to conduct the wedding ceremony then its normal to have around 5.30pm also this allows for the weather which is normally very hot will be some what cooler as the day draws to a end.

If you are intending a weekend ceremony then you can choose a time that suits you, again please remember its best in the afternoon normally not before 3.30pm thus giving plenty of time for you and your guests to get ready in time without rushing.

Being honest this again is a personal decision, having spent many years in Turkey areas are some what different, one area could be wet and humid and others hot and dry, so choose your clothing to work with where you are saying those magical words, also choose footwear to suit the venue, if a beach maybe bare foot not a good idea unless its carpeted or a decking, ask the questions from your planner who will know or can find out for you, if certain guests have heat issues and need extra cover please let us know and we can see what we can do for them.
As silly as it sounds also ensure sun screen specially children as most will be in a area of sun for sometime throughout the ceremony always have it on hand, we normally ask our wedding planners to carry a emergency one.

what type of wedding cake can we have?, can we send design of something we like?
A wedding cake is a center piece of such importance, a wedding being a special Occasion it wouldn’t be right not to have one.
Most packages bespoke or otherwise will come with one in it,
however it is normally a Turkish style wedding cake normally 3 tiers or many more depending how many it will serve, its made from sponge with whipped icing over the top, sponge options are the normal vanilla, lemon or chocolate.
Decoration is mostly ribbon piping and fresh flowers.
You can either choose one of the sponges or all 3 (each one a different layer)
you can add fresh fruit also if required.

Otherwise you have the Designed option, where you send us a design of what you might like with what the internal area will be made up of and we will speak with our specialist cake maker to see if we can create it for you, from red velvet to super cup cakes we can deliver your idea to match your colours and theme if you have one.
Also if you have cake toppers please feel free to bring them over and we will add them for you.

A wedding with Platinum weddings is a very special event, no ceremony would be complete without a team who will go the extra mile, this applies to the decoration depending on location this can vary, from wedding gazebo’s with sashed curtains to match your colour scheme, bamboo alters with flowing silks or organza, or flowered wedding arches, a ceremonial registry table with satin cloth and valance, beautiful flowers across the table where you will sign your marraige document. Guests will sit on either Tiffany style chairs, or white satin covered chairs with organza ties or bows or our new Platinum Exclusive range (ask for more details) all colour co-ordinated to your chosen scheme
A traditional red carpet is standard, however white carpets are also available to walk down the Isle alongside various designs have been created over the years to make it a more personal touch your wedding planner will go through this with you.

The after wedding reception will also be decorated to accommodate tables and chairs being covered in white satin or cotton depending on the affect, large flower arrangements and each table would have as standard a flowered centre piece with candle holder.
Other packages will be varied depending on what has been chosen and location, all centre pieces can be upgraded if require selections available just let us know your preferred options or ideas.
We do not offer place cards etc, we are happy to arrange on tables for you but its best you bring these with you and the same for table numbers if you so wish.
All chairs will be decorated with coloured sashes or bows to match or compliment the chosen colour scheme, in some cases additional lighting low key LED lighting can create a very soft romantic element this is included in some packages but can be added if you would like it as a extra for the evening or if you are having a late after sunset romantic wedding on the beach wow its different!.
Balloons, if we are totally honest we never really use unless its making a huge statement, like a wedding arch over a entrance area where the bride and groom will come in and leave, if you require balloons we can can use them, in Turkey helium filled balloons incur extra costs and are charged individually.

Depending upon the package, bespoke or otherwise we have many venues offering all types of food normally you will be sent a variation of menus from us which can be given at the location you have chosen, in most instances we can speak with them and they are normally very helpful in creating your chosen options.
The standard wedding meal may consist of to start Turkish mixed meze, fresh bread and salad, then served a traditional style Turkish bbq mixed grill with vegetable and rice, followed by either Turkish pasties or fresh fruit served on a bed of ice.
(plus you will have your wedding cake.

Drinks unless part of a all-inclusive option (ask for details) will be ordered seperately and paid by the customer.
Large number of wines, beers, ciders now! and shorts available throughout Turkey expect to pay more for branded imports.
Champagne, sparkling wine also.

Music, Wedding ceremony music can be anything you choose, all we ask is for you to let us know and bring copies of the track/s with you on a USB device, alternatively this can be anything from a local Dj to a complete live band, or depending on the package you can bring along your very own playlist on a USB device to party the night away.
We can also assist with live singers and live entertainment, from belly dancers to break dancing and folk dancing and so much more. (please ask for details)

If in most instances the wedding is taking place outside, ie beach, garden , marina/decked area,
then in most situations a back up plan b will have been discussed with you via the wedding planner, however the situation can be difficult with big hotels as normally they will book out the space you are going to be using and will work their team of staff around you, in some instances they cant always change the serving area and other options might not be available 24 to 12 hrs before the day so early checking of conditions is important when speaking with the wedding planner they will always try and make the best decision with you and try to come to a solution for your day. (where possible)
Although Turkey seldom has bad weather during the summer months, there are occasions it does rain, but it doesn’t last for long, so even though we plan everything down to the last final detail, some things are beyond our control.

All weddings are predominantly bespoke, this gives our clients the choice of location, and venue and what they would like from the day, ie food drinks entertainment, photography, video flowers, bouquets , cars, transport for guests etc.
We then work meticulously with you to put together the perfect package to suit your requirements but not necessary price, If price is the main element of you wedding which we know and understand is a very important aspect, we will start you with our basic package and you can add elements to it and come to a price that fits your budget.
This will vary depending on guest numbers and where so please fill in the contact details and let us know as much as possible about what you would like? , date and year of wedding and guest numbers, and if you have accommodation organised etc.
Accommodation you ask? why does this matter? some of our places we can achieve a better all round deal if the bride and groom are staying with guests there.

Wedding vows are they in English or Turkish? and can we alter them to add our own?
A Turkish wedding is something that you need not worry about, a Traditional Turkish wedding vows are relatively short and are spoken in Turkish by the local registrar and is then translated into English by the legal translator who will be present on the day.
You are only required to confirm your consent in English at the end of the service and you will be prompted in English.
When you meet with your planner we will go through this in more details.
We also can offer you the option of creating your own wedding vows, these normally take place after the registrar has completed the legal/formal wedding ceremony.

Our team of fully professional photographers and video men will be present from the moment your guests arrive at the venue/s depending on the package they may also be asked to attend the brides accommodation where they are preparing for the day to unfold capturing other pics with bridesmaids and mother of the bride etc,, (please ask if there are specific photos you may like)
All photos and video taken during the ceremony will be given on CD and DVD again there is options to have our professionals at the evening venue to catch those speeches and dance moves so the whole day and night is captured.
Also is available from our team special wedding albums which can also make a great gift for parents if required. (ask for details)
Normally subject to the month most couples can come to the shop 48 hrs after the wedding to view all photos and select certain ones to go into a wedding album (extra cost).

Platinum weddings will always present a invoice to the client, normal procedure is to confirm the full details of what is required listing all that is included and a price is given, a deposit normally 25% will be asked to be given.
This can be done by various methods payment via bank transfer to our account (UK) or by sending a cheque to us or cash.
We do not except credit cards or card payments over the phone, we prefer there is a proper paper trail from the client to ourselves, this also give peace of mind when instructing us.
Once the deposit is paid then the full terms are confirmed by both parties, the final balance has to be completed 8 weeks prior to the actual wedding date, we also offer alternative ways to finalize the amount by making various payments monthly or amounts when is convenient to the client as long as all is finished by the 8 week date.
If any additional extras are added after the initial invoice we also be required tgo be finalised 8 weeks before wedding day.
However if extras are added whilst in Turkey they can be settled 24 hrs before the wedding day and cash of any currency Turkish Lira or Pound sterling will be accepted.

Children attending a wedding with platinum are not charged for if under the age of 3 years, (maximum in one party 5) if more than then 1 full child price will be added.
Children from the age of 4 to 11 years old will be charged at 60% of the adult price.
Children over 11 will be charged at full adult price only in all inclusive packages
children 11 to 16 will be charged 75% of adult price.
Any child 16 or over is classified as adult in our pricing.

Platinum weddings will send you a pro-former invoice explaining the full details and the total cost and this would be emailed to you, all we require from yourself is to check the details confirm your intention to instruct us to carry out your requirements and that you have read the terms and conditions.

Any clients who wish to book will have a professional wedding planner to ensure the very best day and no amount of money paid will alter the teams dedication and attention to detail planning what we know is one of the most important days, and we are truly excited to be given a opportunity to create this with you.

We hope we have put together the most likely asked questions if there is something that we have not covered and you require further information please contact us and we will get back to you normally within 24 hrs.

Link to download for legal paperwork:
you will find once going into the link above a few clicks in you will be asked to download this:
This is the recognised document each person will need one copy, please note its a double sided paper separate pages will not be accepted.
If you have any questions contact us and we will guide you.