Unique Wedding

A unique wedding can be individual, special, quirky, eccentric, exclusive distinctive…

All of which creates a scene, not only for the bride and groom but for the guests that will enjoy the fascination with your ideas and themes.

So we at Platinum Weddings Turkey can put together a bespoke plan to celebrate your day the very best way possible, there are many ideas that can be seen as quirky or eccentric, from having a James bond themed wedding where the groom arrives on a speed boat with his best man, the bride is waiting at a glorious highly decorated venue at a yacht club/marina
all guests sipping sparkling wine,

Platinum Weddings Turkey can put together a bespoke plan to celebrate your day the very best way possible

Traditional Turkish wedding

before the wedding itself there is a small celebration that takes place, the bride traditionally wheres a red gown and celebrates with her female friends and family,
later in the evening she changes into a traditional outfit called a Bindalli.
During this time the groom and his friends arrive whilst preparing themselves for the entry.
The bride and groom walk slowly to traditional song, the single women hold candles and walk in front of them.
They then walk around them in a circle 3 times and are then seated.
An elder of the group commences the henna ceremony by placing henna on the bride and grooms palms, however the bride and grooms fists are tightly closed and can only be opened by the in-laws presenting gold coin/s.
The actual Wedding is different along with the use of red Ribbons, interested then let us know!

A Indian themed wedding, with gourmet Indian cuisine, silk and sun.

Maybe some history, photos taken around the Apollo temple, adding the cultural elegance to the wedding photos.

Would a wedding aboard a fancy yacht or gullet be your choice?

How would creating a wedding like that of the scene in mama mia with the rustic restaurant overlooking the sea, the music from Abba playing in the background and the guests dressed in the fashion from the days all this equates to a very Unique day.
Do you love horses, did you meet at a event where horses was a feature of the day?
well our Horse safari wedding may just be your kind of celebration, great private location featuring riding, food dancing we have the place.

These are just but a few of ideas we have been asked for, we love a challenge so lets go create………..